About Paul

Paul Richards is a drummer/drum teacher, comedy writer/performer (for theatre), playwright and novelist based in Cambridge. 42, lanky, can’t grow a beard. Likes to talk about himself in the third person.

As a drummer, recordings he has drummed all over have been broadcast on Channel 4, BBC Radio 5, and BBC 6 Music – all the usual places you’d expect to find a professional groovester. He is constantly on tour with lovely musician chums in award-winning bands and is continually in demand by various artists for a range of versatile projects. He has toured the UK, a lot, and China. His acclaimed drum workshops, private lessons and team-building days have seen him teach a whole range of students from all walks of life in various settings. Paul is the founding member of Drummers to the Rescue - a project which puts his drum students onstage raising money for charity - the world can be a pretty harsh place right now, but drumming makes everything better.

As a writer/performer, he has taken countless (well, 34) shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, tours the UK frequently going through quite a lot of cars, and has had some quite nice reviews in the process. He talks very fast, usually about his love of Ginsters slices, and often tries to justify it all as theatre. His 2018 play won an award, with his 2019 (but still touring…) show, Harvey Greenfield is Running Late picking up national acclaim. The feature film version finally went into production in 2021, with Paul once again taking the title role alongside Mr Motivator, Liz Barker, Norman Lovet and many others. More details soon! The follow-up ran at the 2022 fringe (alongside Paul’s three other shows…) to brilliant press, with his drumming comedy show, My Function Band Hell, nominated at the prestigious Leicester Comedy Festival for ‘best musical show’ in 2023. Paul’s latest one-man play, Is This the End of Edward J. Payne ran in New York for four gloriously sweaty nights in June 2023, while his short radio play, Letters to Sparkle has had frequent repeats on BBC radio.

He's very friendly, has more ideas than time and has been known to drink more caffeine than is considered healthy.

Contact: thepaulrichards@gmail.com